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Bob Ufer Broadcasts In 1080p

Bob Ufer Broadcasts In 1080p

bob ufer broadcasts in 1080p


Bob Ufer Broadcasts In 1080p >



















































Bob Ufer Broadcasts In 1080p, agni s philosophy 1080p tv



(Image: U-Ms Bentley Historical Library.) A generation of Michigan football fans has grown up expecting that every U-M game would be on TV. I dont think it was an act, I dont think it was a character that he played on the radio. Ill never forget it. That conversation helped spark the idea for the Ufer documentary, which Chace began filming last fall. If the game was televised, we turned down the voice on the TV and listened to Ufer. Search Hours and LocationHours: Monday Friday: 9:00am 5:00pm Saturday: 9:00am 1:00pm 1150 Beal Avenue Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2113 U.S.A. I taped a couple of OSU games and we did pre game and half-time commentary. An Ann Arbor native, Chace followed his own path in entertainment, studying theater at U-M. I suppose the national broadcasts are just too vanilla for a fidgety generation of college football fans. I said, Would I like it? Is the Pope Catholic? You bet Id like it, Bob explained on the air.


The biggest one of all, of course, was NO TV. Local WTKA radio personality Sam Webb loves playing "Touchdown Billy Taylor" on his broadcast, from the 1971 Ohio State game. Reply Jan Zielinski Karnes - 1982,1984 It was such an honor for the Michigan Marching Band to be asked to play at his memorial service at Crisler Arena. Instructions: To Listen Now: click on any of the WAV or MP3 file links provided. (Image courtesy of Blackpoint West Films.) As production continues, Chace is eager to hear from anyone with photos, videos, or Ufer memorabilia theyre willing to share. Documentaries like this require a team effort. In 1955, the year Tom was born, Bob was in the hospital with ulcerative colitis.


Show more . With the score tied at 21 apiece, six ticks on the clock and the ball on the Hoosier 45-yard-line, Johnny Wingin Wangler zipped the ball 30 yards down the middle of the field and hit Carter, who skirted a couple of tackles on his way to the goal line. One of the fun things for me about this is that its a joyful topic for people, Chace says. Heck, in 1976, President Gerald Ford called him to be the keynote speaker to kick off his re-election campaign at Crisler Arena. My slide show naturally used the audio background of Bob Ufer at the Listening Party. Photographs, plaques, game balls he could probably sell half those things on eBay and buy an Audi. He was sick, he went on the trip and he told me to prepare as if I was doing the game, Beckmann said. (Image: U-Ms Bentley Historical Library.) While most people remember Ufer as a broadcaster, he also was an excellent athlete. We had only three telephones in the house. He was playful.


Webbs radio show co-host, Ira Weintraub, calls in from the room next door: Dont forget about his poem about truck drivers, in reference to the Ohio State sellout crowd that Ufer claimed consisted of 10,000 alumni and 74,000 truckers. WolverineHistorian 20,117 views 10:01 1985: Michigan 20 Notre Dame 12 - Duration: 21:33. My education was interrupted for a few years with marriage and children, and by the time I finished my BGS, my two sons, whose dad was a Michigan football player, had grown up in Michigan stadium and were big fans of Bob Ufer on the radio. In responding to the question I prepared a slide show (ProShoGold) in an attempt to show a flavor of the interior, taking from black and whites of the late 402s. Ufer is just as much an Ann Arbor treasure as he is a University of Michigan treasure, Chace says. When critics told Ufer he was a homer, he would arrogantly reply, You bet I am. But also words like love.


734-764-3482 Featured CollectionThree Brothers, one Civil War, and a Collection of Family Papers The Eddy family lived in Plymouth, Michigan, andthe threeEddy brothers -- Willard, William Hannahs, and Clark -- served in the Michigan 2nd and 24th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiments in the Civil War. I remember how big a hole I felt he left in the Michigan family. And how difficult it was to play well that day but that it seemed very important to do so, as if it were up to us to somehow fill that hole. Reply Bill Flinn - 1953 B. View all posts by Mike Rosenbaum → Related Posts The artist and the athlete Aug 17, 2016 Every day is game day Jul 12, 2016 Field of dreams Sep 17, 2015 COMMENTS Michael Schwartz - 1983 1980 Michigan vs. When the crowd went nuts, Ufer didn't tell his audience the crowd went nuts Ufer went nuts with them. You feel like thats you, or your friend, thats out there calling the game. The slide show was well received more so by the Sigs that had lived in the Red House.

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